Torque (Nm) to Horsepower (HP) Conversion Calculator

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Torque (Nm) to Power (HP/KW) Calculator

When it comes to measuring the performance of an engine, two key metrics stand out: torque and horsepower. While torque represents the rotational force produced by the engine, horsepower indicates the engine’s ability to do work over time. Understanding the relationship between these two metrics is crucial for assessing an engine’s power output accurately.

What is Torque (Nm)?

Torque, typically measured in Newton-meters (Nm), quantifies the rotational force generated by an engine. It determines an engine’s ability to accelerate and maintain speed, especially in demanding conditions such as towing or climbing steep gradients. Higher torque values mean the engine can exert more force, resulting in better performance in challenging situations.

What is Horsepower (HP)?

Horsepower, often abbreviated as HP, measures the rate at which work is done over time. It reflects an engine’s overall power output and is a product of both torque and rotational speed (RPM). While torque provides the force, horsepower accounts for how quickly that force is applied. Higher horsepower values indicate greater overall engine performance.

Converting Torque (Nm) to Horsepower (HP)

Converting torque in Newton meters (Nm) to horsepower (HP) involves understanding the relationship between these two metrics. While there isn’t a direct conversion formula, you can calculate horsepower using the formula:

To convert RPM to radians per second:

Rotational Speed~(rad/s) =
= RPM \times \frac{2\pi}{60} 

The formula used for this conversion is:

Power~(W) = 
= Torque (Nm) \times Rotational~Speed(rad/s)

Then, to convert power from watts to horsepower (1 hp ≈ 746 W):

Power~(HP) = \frac{Power~(W)}{746}

This formula incorporates both torque and rotational speed (RPM) to determine horsepower. It’s essential to know the engine’s RPM at the specific torque value to accurately calculate horsepower.

Let’s calculate an example. Suppose you have a torque of 100 Nm and a rotational speed of 3000 RPM. To find the power in HP:

Convert RPM to rad/s:

Rotational Speed~(rad/s) =
= 3000~RPM \times \frac{2\pi}{60}
 \approx 314.16 ~ rad/s

Calculate Power in Watts:

Power~(W) = 100~Nm \times 314.16 ~ rad/s
= 31416~W

Convert Power to HP:

Power~(HP) = \frac{31416}{746} \approx 42.12~HP ✅

So, with 100 Nm of torque at 3000 RPM, you get approximately 42.12 hp.

Torque (Nm) to Horsepower (HP) Conversion Table

Here are some frequently calculated results:

Torque (Nm)Rotational SpeedPower (HP)Power (kW)

This table presents the torque, and rotational speed (RPM) converted to HP or KW.

How to use HP to Nm Calculator

1. Input Fields:

  • Torque (Nm): Enter the torque value in Newton-meters (Nm) that you want to convert to horsepower (HP).
  • Engine RPM: Input the engine’s rotational speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). This value is crucial for accurately calculating horsepower.

2. Conversion Output:

Once you’ve entered the torque value and engine RPM, the calculator will automatically display the corresponding horsepower output. This value represents the engine’s power output based on the provided torque and rotational speed.

3. Accuracy:

Please ensure that you enter the correct torque value and engine RPM to obtain accurate results. Additionally, make sure to select the appropriate units for conversion (Nm to HP or HP to Nm) using the “Unit Reverse” button.

4. Practical Applications:

Our calculator is useful for a variety of applications, including automotive engineering, machinery design, and performance assessment. Whether you’re evaluating engine specifications or planning powertrain upgrades, this tool provides valuable insights into torque-to-horsepower conversions.

5. Enjoy the Convenience:

We’ve designed this calculator to be user-friendly and intuitive. Enjoy the convenience of quickly converting torque to horsepower and vice versa with just a few clicks. Make informed decisions about engine performance effortlessly!

6. Feedback:

We value your feedback! If you have any suggestions for improving the calculator or encounter any issues while using it, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your input helps us enhance the user experience for everyone.

7. Start Converting:

Now that you’re familiar with the features of our Torque to Horsepower Conversion Calculator, feel free to start converting and exploring engine performance metrics with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or a curious enthusiast, this tool is here to simplify your calculations!


Understanding the relationship between torque and horsepower is crucial for evaluating an engine’s performance accurately. While torque represents the rotational force, horsepower reflects the engine’s overall power output. By using our Torque(Nm) to Horsepower(HP) Conversion Calculator, you can easily assess an engine’s performance metrics and make informed decisions regarding its suitability for specific applications. Unlock the power of precision with our user-friendly calculator today!

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