💧Oil Surge Relay (OSR) in Transformer | Protection

What is an Oil Surge Relay

Oil-immersed transformers are critical components in power distribution systems. These transformers handle high voltages and play a crucial role in ensuring reliable electricity supply. One essential auxiliary device used in these transformers is the Oil Surge Relay (OSR). In this blog post, we’ll explore what OSRs are, how they work, and their significance in protecting transformers. … Read more

Faraday’s law of EMI (Electromagnetic induction)


When a conductor cuts a magnetic field, a dynamically induced EMF (voltage) is produced in it. Also, magnitude of induced EMF is directly proportional to the rate of change of flux linkages. So this is called Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction. Magnet stationery No current Induces Magnet moving Current Induces The formula for Faraday’s law of … Read more

Difference between the PIV and PIV rating!💣

What is the PIV rating or Peak Inverse Voltage rating? A PIV rating or Peak inverse voltage rating is defined as the value at which a Semiconductor device can withstand or sustain, beyond this value voltage device damage permanently. In short, the P-N junction barrier is damaged because of the high inverse voltage or the … Read more

What is a Resistor? Definition, Unit, Symbol, Types, Color Code

what is a resistor definition unit symbol types color code

What is a Resistor? A Resistor is an electrical component that reflects electrical resistance to the circuit current. It is a passive Element which means it only absorbs the electrical power. It cannot deliver power to the circuit connected with this element. Here we are discussing the Resistor definition, unit, symbol, types, color code, and applications. A … Read more

Electrical Machine Types with operation QUICK EXPLANATION


Continuous Electro-mechanical energy conversion devices are known as Electrical machines. Which is a reversible process. Electrical machines are machines that are either used to transfer or the generation of Electrical power. These may be low-power or high-power devices(in mV or kV). Here I am discussing the high-power devices in this article. Types of Electrical Machines: … Read more

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